[Ask for certification] tomd


I (at least I think I have, as I have tried to) requested to join the meta_brouzouf uCoin community with the uid tomd. I have a great interest in the principle of UBI (Universal Basic Income), and am presently researching in that field. I none the less have a limited knowledge of the workings of crypto-currencies, though am interested in learning more. Could I have certification to join the community please?

Here is internet based proof that I am a living, breathing,person:
my website: https://tomdesai.wordpress.com/ (feel free to peruse)

Thank you in advance (P.S) feel free to respond/chat to me in English or French, I equally speak a (decent sized) smattering of Czech, Serbian and Albanian.

Hello Tom,
welcome to ucoin. I certified you :grinning:.
Two others certifcations and you’ll become member of the meta_brouzouf community !

Hello tomd,

Welcome here !

I’ll certify you :slight_smile:

Please feel free to ask question, about the theory behind uCoin, whatever it is ! The economical theory (Relative Theory of Money) or the technical aspects :slight_smile: You can find also a lot of resources and informations by simply searching on this forum. We try as much as possible to stay open to internationals people, even if we are mostly a french community at the moment !

Do not forgot to publish your membership request !