[Ask for certification] UltimateCookie


Can anyone help me to be certified ?

My public key is: 6nBycCUCM9wQoqsHAeNBv7i7DVxTt3hFxc9Lb69R9LNm
My username is: UltimateCookie.
Feel free to add me or contact me ! :slight_smile:

to understand the certification process, you should have a look at the license here: https://duniter.org/en/get-g1/
You will find there that it is clearly specified that you can only get certifications from people who “know you well enough”, in order to make sure that double accounts do not get created (this includes but is not limited to knowing someone “in person”). If you are abroad, this can get a little difficult, especially as the currency is still in its early stage. However, to get a taste of the system, you can register on the test network where you probably won’t have much problem getting certified.

Hey, I understand.
Thank you for your time Jytou. Have a nice day. :slight_smile: