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I’m Jean SIMARD, a research engineer in Computer Sciences very interest in open source at first. A few months ago, I read about TRM and was very interested (even if I didn’t fully understand all of the maths, I think I got some basics!).

You can find more on me on

You may find me also (with woshilapin ID) on about.me, bitbucket, Facebook, Twitter and G+ (even if the latters may not contain a lot of information)*.

I’ll try also to run a ucoin’s node on my VPS (probably trying to produce some sort of Dockerfile).

Like to hear about you guys.

*I don’t put the links because it seems that as a new user, I can’t put more than 2 links :slight_smile:

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Welcome @woshilapin,

I have certified you :wink:

Hi Jean and Welcome ! :smile:
You should wait a bit before running a ucoin node, the consensus algorithm is not finished yet, but it should be in the coming months :wink: Network forks if there are blockchains collisions at the moment.

I think cgeek would love to see ucoin be dockerized so that would be a great contribution !

I certified you anyway :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome. Is the certification should appear immediately in my cutecoin or it may take some time (like a few hours or days)? At the moment, I see very well the certification of @Moul (m4oul is yours I guess) but not the one of @Inso.

Could someone else certify me (or maybe, you need more from me to certify my identity)?


OK, just the time to write that and then 2 new certifications arrived in my cutecoin. Thanks all of you @Inso, @Moul, @dieterdp :slight_smile:

Certifications should appear pretty fast :slight_smile: There are synchronisation problems sometimes but most often it works nicely and you receive the certifications in an hour at maximum.

OK, so now, 3 people certified me… but at the moment, I’m still considered as a non-member.

Looking into the list of identities from the Community tab, I have 2 lines in red and one in grey (they are alternated so it may be only the display that alternate these colors). Moreover, @Moul seems to have his UID that expires 26/08/2015 (which means it’s already expired). Could it be the reason why I’m not a member yet?

Thanks for the answers and sorry for the lot of question I have :slight_smile:

Did your publish your membership document ? In the community tab, you need to click on “Send membership demand”.

Are you in Identity view or in the WoT view ?

Hi @Inso,

Thank you for the answers. Yes, I did click on the button (before crashing cutecoin trying to add another moul_zouf money, so maybe I need to do it again after restarting correctly cutecoin?). By the way, I’m not sure of what this button actually do? Which document and where? Is it risky that I click again on it (or it will do just nothing if I already did it)?

For the colored list of identities, I was in the Identity view, not WoT view. By the way, one line which was red become gray (it seems that the date of expiration for the concerned people has been updated).


The lines in the Identities table are red if the member is going to expire.

To see the state of your certifications, go in the WoT Tab.
Red arrows are going to expire soon, blue arrows are going to be written in the blockchain, and blacks are written and valid.

It is not risky to publish the document again, you’ll just renew really early :wink:
This document declares your will to join the community. For technical informations, you can find it there : https://github.com/ucoin-io/ucoin/blob/master/doc/Protocol.md#membership

OK I had a look, and my node currently has an issue to produce a valid block.

I will have a look in 1 hour or two.

@Inso, OK, still blue in WoT so I guess it’s normal that I’m not yet a member. Thanks for the link. I’ll have to reread a bit about all of the technical stuff, I’ve read the TRM but not much about ucoin still.

@cgeek, thanks. I always see “Block 29710” with a red circle in the bottom-left of my cutecoin, is it linked?

The circle is somewhat buggy in 0.10. It shows the a ratio of synchronized nodes Cutecoin found.

Fixed, new blocks are on the road to blokchain, you will be a member soon (within an hour I guess). :wink:

Very reactive and efficient. Thanks.




Yep, saw that. Thanks for the support.

Now, should I certify people around me? What are my duties about the community?

You should certify people you trust. Trust is individual, for some people it can be only about real life people, for others it can be online with some links which proves the identity exists and the individual behind this identity is unique in the community.

Meta_brouzouf is a beta currency, so we mostly trust people when they present themselves on the forum.

Else, you don’t have that much duties. Produce goods, services, trade, that’s what a member of monetary community should do I guess :wink:
For meta_brouzouf, its mostly help for ucoin and its clients. Do actions on the network, tests the clients, the blockchain. Contributions are all welcomed ( http://ucoin.io/contribute/ ). It depends on the degree of implication you want to have in the project :slight_smile:

I wanted to precise: you don’t have “duties”. This is now your currency and your community of people making an economy.

You might want more people to join this currency, and you might also want to control who can join and who cannot. You can have a weight in these processes by certifying others:

  • because newcomers need certifications from members to become members themselves
  • because any member needs a continuous renewal of certifications to stay a member, and so do you
  • because making links create a constraint towards newcomers (since WoT has a diameter limit), so fake accounts can hardly join


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Hi, Jean!

I’m new here, too. I certified you.

–Patrick (ipadguy)