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I’m Jean-Baptiste Dusseaut. Here are my twitter account and facebook account.
I’m currently using the mac client compiled by @charles
I’m a developper globaly interested by crypto currencies and TRM, so I’m very pleased to see this initiative coming to life.

Here is my public key : FbbApK5qUeD2MS418HxY2oHFDUEoF49J6ncXUqmbow4A

Welcome !
Just so you know, TRM in English is RTM for Relative Theory of Money :wink:
I certified you :slight_smile: Are you interested in participating to the code of the ucoin environment, and if so, what are your general skills ? :slight_smile:

Hey bodysplash, welcome :smile:

You are about to be a member (I can see it in my server logs). Welcome!

As you will become a member, do not hesitate to certify @charles (even right now), as he only has 2 certifications for now.

Thank you very much, I’m an official member \o/

I would be interested in participating to the code, my main issue is finding time. I’ll try to connect to jabber and have a word with you guys. To sum up, I’m confortable with TDD, writing clean code, javascript (either server side or client side), and crypto concepts (not the maths, but put it to good use).
Here is my github account, my company github account, and the few open source projects we maintain.

Thanks again.

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Mac client? What are the pre-requisites? I grabbed the source code, but I haven’t done anything with it…

@charles made a mac build of cutecoin, but it’s not available for everyone yet. I understood that as soon ah he’ll have some time, he will produce a globally available version through travis.

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