[ask for certifications] Carolef

I’am Carole Fabre, and I would like some certifications. I was already born on earth … :slight_smile:

Ok, I guess I know you :slight_smile:

You need to connect to the Meta-Brouzouf Community with Cutecoin 0.7.5 and inform us of the login ID you choose in order to obtain some certification. Information about how to connect is here, and to install Cutecoin 0.7.5 it’s here.

already done ! Carolef is my ID, I guess …

No you are not in, I cannot check your ID. cgeek will give you more information I guess.

Ahah this is probably a bug because of the caps on the first letter.

Workaround :

Well, if I type cgeek, I can then type Kalmac. But that’s a bit tricky!

So to find Carolef, type “cgeek”, then “Carolef” I guess ?

Yes it worked for me, I certified Carolef.

yep ! How many do I need ?

For Meta-Brouzouf it seems you need 3 (or 4 I’m not sure) signs from existing members without any other rule. The publication of the WoT rules are not in cutecoin 0.7.5 (neither the money rules), probably in future versions.

You can have information thru the Meta-Brouzouf Web information page, including a page with parameters.

Hello Carole and welcome on board !
I certified you and transfered some Brouzoufs :+1:


Welcome Carole :smile:

I certified you.

Cert done for me !

Content de te revoir Carole ! ;o)
(n’hésites pas à encourager Nicolas P. à venir également ^^)

Thanks !!! I try to see how to send money … I need key’s members, but I don’t see them … #noob

Right click on a member and send money :wink:

ah right ! :slight_smile: but not enough money in this block … but I have enough money to send …

What are the numbers in the wallet tab in the right pannel when you click on the wallet, and how much are you trying to send ?

1,25 UD 125 meta_brouzouf and I try to send 10 meta_brouzouf

so I send 20 and it works, then 10 and it works … and again 10 or 20 and it doesn’t work, not enough money, but I have the money … I will be deconected some days, see you soon free world :slight_smile:

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donc me voilà non membre … trouve pas comment renouveler mon membership … Cesium est en rade là … j’ai chargé la dernière version de Sakia. Curieusement j’ai pu envoyé de la monnaie à Cgeek … tu l’as reçu ?