[Ask for Certifications] christophe_loiacono

Hi there,

I am Christophe Loiacono, want be a tester of uCoin project. Here are few resources for proving my identity:

My website is embedtechnology.fr, not ready yet for the moment.

I’m trying to make development on ARM and FPGA platform, and also make some Open Hardware products.


Edit: I use last version of cutecoin (git repo), Debian 8, Python 3.4, pyQt5 … at this moment …

the website mentionned in your post doesn’t seems to work, (show a phpinfo.php page)
this is a bit small as proof of existance… :wink:

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un compte github ?

Non pas je n’en ai pas encore un, mais je vais en créer un dés que possible,

Je suis consultant indépendant depuis un ans je travaille encore a cette heure ci sur un projet client …

J’ai un peu plus de temp le weekend …

Yes i know ;( for the moment it’s not my priority, i prefer prepare some other website’s for my familly ex my brother’s … and some friend’s ( no IT guys) it’s for his entreprise and work’s also independent. Like pneurama.free.fr; also website on music, but i prefer talk about TRM here …

You can view me on christophe_loiacono@framasphere.org, i love framasoft work’s :wink: and all work’s made by the Team.

Also on pr-membres EELV and now i send a small donation with Gratipay for ucoin.

Regards, …

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