[Ask for Certifications] diogocampos

Hi, people.

I discovered uCoin yesterday, and, because of its (finally!) sane characteristics, I really wanted to join/test/participate.

I’m Diogo Campos, a random guy from Brazil, semi-amateur web developer, bad English writer and few other fluffy things.

You can see more about me in my little website: http://o-diogocampos.rhcloud.com/
And you can be my friend on Diaspora: https://diasporabrazil.org/u/diogocampos
Or on Facebook, too: (see website - link limit).
Or you can contact me by e-mail: diogocamposwd [AT] gmail [DOT] com

UID: diogocampos
PK: 89PPHjzfVVkg66xJgiuEuhTbbPim8Rdxjj8GoM4zuQwf

Thanks for considering :slight_smile:

Don’t forgot to publish your membership demand !

This is summer in Europe, people are going in holidays. The forum is less active than usual, so don’t worry if you don’t have that much answers for the moment !

Welcome :slight_smile:

Oh, finally a Node.js developer! :grinning:

Welcome! (certified)

I started the translation to portuguese in case you or some friend would be interested in translating :slight_smile:

Not sure if I understood everything…
First, I did this: https://github.com/ucoin-io/cutecoin/wiki/Cutecoin-getting-started-tutorial
Then, I did this post.
Now, (after being certified) I have to click in [meta_brouzouf] [community] [Identities] “Publish UID”?

Thank you.

Well, my skills are less than mediocre…
But sure I can, at least, try something :blush:

Thank you.

Cool. I did something today, by the way. But I need a quick help, so: by where, and with whom, I can ask a few questions about the original strings?

If “Publish Uid” is the button you got when you click on the identities tab, there is something weird going on. Can you restart cutecoin ? The button should be “send membership demand”

For the strings you can ask me :slight_smile:

I already clicked in “send membership demand” before making this post. Should I click it again? If yes, right now, it is not appearing. Restart CuteCoin makes no difference.

I should say, also, that today I opened and closed CuteCoin a few times, and, sometimes, I could see visual (certification) confirmation in [Community] [Web of Trust]; and, also sometimes, I could see written (certification) confirmation in [Wallets] “Your web of trust: […]”. But, now, none of both is true anymore.

Additionally, I, for testing reasons, did (top menu) “Account” -> “Configure” -> “Next” -> “Ok”. Could this, maybe, have reseted the whole process?

We are currently testing the new multibranch feature. It seems to cause some problems with the network. Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll let you know when your problem will be fixed !

Multibranch? Anyway…
I deleted all binaries and configs and tried everything again from zero. Now it seems to be back to normal.
Then, I clicked, again, in “Send membership demand”. That’s it?

Yes, that’s a technical feature, you don’t really care about it. But that’s the reason why the software is a bit shaky right now.

Please press this button again « Send membership demand ». You should become a member within the hour after this action, since you have enough certifications:

Ok, Thank you both.

1- "Quant Z-sum"
2- "Relat Z-sum"
What does this mean? It’s an abreviation? It’s a math thing?

3- "Communities membership"
4- "Communities nodes"
I just cannot find the right words for this. Could you describe with another words?

5- "The number of previous blocks to check for personalized difficulty"
6- "The percent of previous issuers to reach for personalized difficulty"
Could you explain how the “personalized difficulty” is related to “blocks to check”? Also, what means “issuers” in this context?

7- "Minimum quantity of valid made certifications to be part of the WoT for distance rule"
What is exactly a “valid made certification”? How this “distance rule” works?

These are referentials to display the money. It’s an abreviation meaning :

  • Quantitative Zero-sum
  • Relative Zero-sum

A referential is a way to see money from different point of view. For example :

  • The referential “quantitative” show the amount of money
  • The referential “relative” show the amount of money relatively to the value of the last Universal Dividend

For the referentials, you can look at the libreoffice calc file available at http://www.creationmonetaire.info/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/TRM.zip .

I don’t know the context, I think it’s an old string which should be removed from the file. I’ll try to update it tonight.

These are protocol rules to force miners rolling. More explanation can be found there : https://github.com/ucoin-io/ucoin/blob/master/doc/Protocol.md#proof-of-work

A valid certification is one that represents a signature over someone else self-certification. It’s valid if the certifier is a member of the community (so he has enough certifications).
The distance rule checks how far one is from the WoT network from everyone else excepted members who didn’t certify anybody. In the meta_brousouf money, you are supposed to be 3 steps at max from everybody, for example.

To watch all these rules in action, you can look at the WoT tab in cutecoin, and also the uCoin WebDemo : http://www.metab.ucoin.io/

Ok, thank you again.

Thank you a lot for your translations ! :slight_smile: Really nice job !

About “Communities membership”, it should be renamed. It’s not about joined communities anymore, but about communities added in the software. So, it should be only “Communities”.

For “Communities nodes”, it’s ucoin nodes of the peer to peer network.

Just some info:

  • I became a member, thank you :gift_heart:

  • http://weblate.ucoin.io/ is down.

  • Sometimes happens a crash in CuteCoin, upon closing. I still have one of them in ABRT. There is interest in seeing?

Yes Cutecoin 0.10 crashes upon closing due to bad threading management.

Cutecoin 0.11 was refactored hugely to remove threads and use coroutines instead. This problem wont happen anymore, so it’s not worth analyzing it :slight_smile: Thanks anyway !

Weblate goes down sometimes. I’m investigating to be sure to resolve the bug but it’s not easy… Anyway I did apply a fix and restarted it. Let’s hope it fixes the problem definitely !