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My name is Staf Verhaegen, open source and basic income proponent.
My public key: 6cA62Y7BGrMo7BuKbZDp3DuASaAzB9rJcc13Vr8xrMqu
Username: Fatsie (on the web you can also find me with username verhaegs)
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Hello Fatsie,

I certified you, welcome here !

We will start a new testing money at the beginning of January, be ready to create a new account at this occasion ! :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what is encouraging you to register and test Duniter ?

Certified too, at the same time !

Out of curiosity, what is encouraging you to register and test Duniter ?

It’s complicated :wink:

I am a long time basic income proponent already from the time the Flemish party Vivant was promoting it in the nineties. In an ideal society everybody should share part of the wealth generated.
I am also an early user of Bitcoin and interested in the evolution of the cryptocurrencies. My main interest is to have a global currency, e.g. a peer-to-peer cash system as it is called in the Satoshi paper.
I don’t call myself a hard core libertarian though as you can find in the cryptocurrency world. As a human being one is part of a society and giving people certain social responsibilities and some rules and regulations to follow to make the society enjoyable for all.
What I would in the end find an ideal situation is if we could organize a global basic income not dependent on support from governments. I do see Duniter as a piece of the puzzle to reach that. One possible idea I am playing with is to have a fund that owns a small percentage of all the (big) companies in the world and where the dividends are used as basic income. I am also following other initiatives in this regard like Grantcoin or Robin Hood Coop
The specific trigger for investigating Duniter is if I remember correctly Duniter being mentioned in an article on one of the cryptocurrency news sites.
One my problems is that my interest are too diverse meaning my focus shifts between different projects and seemingly be away from things not having my focus at that time.

When I now look at Web of Trust in sakia I only see inso as direct certificator, not Galuel.

In Cesium I can see 3 certifications towards you included mine.

I can now also see them in sakia.

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Hello, I certified you too. Welcome !