[Ask for Certifications] folatt

Hi there,

I am folatt and I recently lost my job as a junior IT programmer. I am a person that wants to know how the world works, asking questions like: “How does the Universe works?”, “How does one get a girlfriend?”, “Where do jobs come from / How do you earn money?” and look at that from a broad perspective rather than “go to school”, “step up the plate” and “work harder”. That however has cost me an immense amount of time to figure out, because for each question I stepped into another reality shared by few people. I also have gotten into a bizarre financial and relational bad situation that I trying to get out of, but don’t see how any time soon.
Besides folatt I am also known as sluimers which is my surname. Here are few resources for proving my identity:


Feel free to ask me questions on social networks so I can prove I own those accounts.


Feel free to leave a tweet to @ucoin_io, then I sign you!

Edit: done for me: http://twiced.fr:9101/wot/lookup/folatt

Follow me back on twitter so that I can send you a message :slight_smile: @_inso