[ask for certifications] galuelien

Hi, I am Ğaluel. I created a new ID, the old one galuel is no more certified (and I lost the private key / password…)
ID : galuelien
pubkey : Hwe81ooDH23JGDifZ6ytBGrjhGWGnkcGSZnXFWaV9a9a

Certified! Welcome back :wink:

What a strange UID :yum:
Welcome back, recertified !

funny, just certified, funnily the ucoin node doesnt seem to like it, dont know yet if it was the certificate or something else:
ucoin_default-0 [2016-01-05 01:16:58.247] [INFO] ucoin_default - :arrow_down: IDTY Hwe81ooDH23JGDifZ6ytBGrjhGWGnkcGSZnXFWaV9a9a galuelien
ucoin_default-0 [2016-01-05 01:16:58.248] [INFO] ucoin_default - :arrow_down: CERT 6R11KGpG6w5Z6JfiwaPf3k4BCMY4dwhjCdmjGpvn7Gz5 block#46962
ucoin_default-0 /home/arcurus/.ucoin/app/lib/globalValidator.js:249
ucoin_default-0 hrowExpiration && res.current && res.current.medianTime > res.target.medianTim
ucoin_default-0 ^
ucoin_default-0 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘medianTime’ of null
ucoin_default-0 at /home/arcurus/.ucoin/app/lib/globalValidator.js:249:93
ucoin_default-0 at fn (/home/arcurus/.ucoin/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:579:34)
ucoin_default-0 at Immediate._onImmediate (/home/arcurus/.ucoin/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:495:34)
ucoin_default-0 at processImmediate [as _immediateCallback] (timers.js:367:17)
ucoin_default-0 [2016-01-05 01:16:59.553] [DEBUG] database - Loading DB at /home/arcurus/.config/ucoin/ucoin_default/ucoin.json…

Actually, the logs displays in two parts: normal log & error log. So when you call ucoind logs you see the tail of both. It does not mean you had an error on IDTY + CERT receival, it just means an error occured some day (note how the datetime is not written).

This is misleading.

yea maybe it is not connected therefore i was asking, but it happened at the same time i clicked at the certify button in sakia, so it looked like to be connected…

UPDATE: certificate to Galuel seems to be fine, i can see it in Sakia…