[Ask for Certifications] JoeMaro


i love the idea of this coin, but dont have much technical background.
Havent used bitcoin for example.

if you want you can follow me on diaspora:

on jabber i am

you can see me singing spanish here (only if you want to)

Have a good day & thanks for everybody working in this!!!

(hope i didnt forget anything…)

I certified you, you made it very well.

A additional certification !
Welcome joemaro :thumbsup:.

And a third! Welcome :wink:

Ok me too + 0.01 UD = 6869 meta_brouzouf :moneybag:

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Thanks all!
i might only be around for a while, cause i tend to live without internet in summer.
the experience of using ucoin is what i am after.
in spain there is a lot of stuff going on like cooperatives/alternatice currencies and this project could be very helpful.