[Ask for Certifications] joeriputtevils


My Name is Joeri Puttevils.

Since a couple of years I’m convinced the basic income is the way to go.
Recently I attended a meetup about the use of blockchain and how it works.
I now discovered Duniter and would like to become a tester to hopefully help and implement a real basic income in the near future.

If you want to certify my account, feel free to first check:

my public key: Hm3vbhrUzUfsgPEMRSjoaUAGswX54RgSJuJtmzsKTEUP

Thanks in advance!


Done, welcome and happy testing!

tierce, thanks for trusting me :wink:

Certified! Even though my Dutch is not good enough to understand most of your facebook posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

jytou, dankjewel :wink: (that’s thanks in Dutch)

I’ll teach you if you want…


Alsjeblieft! I’ve started a little on Duolingo for fun (I have an old friend who is Dutch, but she speaks a very good English and even some French, just wanted to get to know the language a little), but I have too many things (and too many languages) to work for right now. As we say in French to say that we’ve been a little optimistic on some planning or tasks to be done, I guess my eyes were greater than my stomach! :slight_smile:

Certified, using Cesium

Please test it (and fix my poor english !)

Certified 7 times! you don’t need any more to be certified. :slight_smile:
Anyway welcome on duniter project.