[Ask for Certifications] kooda


I just discovered ucoin and would like to give it a try.

Here are a few links to prove my identity. Please certify me so I can be a proper part of the network. :smile:

Here is my identity inside the network:

  • uid: kooda
  • pubkey: DyBXVV3mL7zdBTQvZYWiGGD8BK2aQ2ZXyGWkj6hFX6K6

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome, certified!

wekcome + 1 certification

checked twitter :smile:

maybe good if if we write who checked what, so that we dont need all check the same :smile:

You seem to be in now, at least you have 3 certifications :smile:

Welcome kooda, certified !

Thanks a lot everyone!

Welcome kooda, certified !