[Ask for Certifications] Koshigawa

Hi, I’m Koshigawa, I’m enthusiastic about new projects.
Here are few resources for proving my identity:


My email: koshigawaa@gmail.com
My user identity: Koshigawa
My public key: 4wc8GufiptvvtU9HFSm8McnaNhPxkzde6VwRpAALNdPw

Thanks in Advance.

Welcome to you.
You can’t be certified if you don’t ask to be.
On Cesium just click on vertical 3 points and choose: “become member” or something like that.

Okay, I created the account and I already asked for certification waiting now, thank you

Je relance pour certification.
Merci pour lui.


I certified you. Welcome :slight_smile:

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