[Ask for Certifications] mmpio

I’m mmpio, formerly smoul, and I’d like to get certifications for test_net network
uid : mmpio
public key : BmDsozDoF3AW…

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I certify that I’m mmpio above.
I’won’t be using this smoul account anymore.


Also, I confirm @mmpio is the one who refactored wotb module (the C++ module that make Web of Trust computations like checking the distance between identities) in Object Oriented code.

You have my cert.

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Ceretifié depuis Cesium!

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mmpio = nouveau nom de smoul, non :wink:
Content de te revoir ! ^^
Certifié !

Hello all,
I didn’t join the currency quickly enough to be a member so I need certifications again please.

uid : mmpio
key : BmDsozDoF3AW5x1G296tj9Mk6pRgo7sLvmYkPWknTyNQ
publication date : 27/06/2016

Thank you.


Thank you @jytou jytou but it seems you certified not the good identity.

I did it through Sakia and I can’t find my certification in the blockchain when I navigate through my node. This is strange! The latest certification is not from me and dates back to 3:22pm UTC (that’s 2 and a half hours ago, and the UUID is not mine…)
My UUID starts with 2pyPs.
I’m pretty sure I certified the correct mmpio (there’s only one anyway and I did check the beginning and end of the corresponding public key which matched with what you posted).
Maybe my certification ended up in a chain that was rejected? Let me try again.

Looks like Sakia had some kind of problem with your account. When I search for you, sometimes I find the current one, and sometimes one from 22/05 which is probably why there was a problem when I certified you the first time. But there is no option to choose between one or the other, you just need to get lucky. And it didn’t give me any error the first time, everything seemed to work smoothly.
I did certify the correct one in Sakia (double-checked) but in the logs of my node it seems I certified mmpio_zero which is not the correct one if I’m not wrong. So it looks like Sakia is just taking the first one it finds with the correct public key, which is a problem…

I’m checking the blockchain, and it looks like my certification didn’t get through.
Tried one more time, this time the node said I certified mmpio (even though I couldn’t find the new one in Sakia this time despite trying it a few times and even after restarting Sakia).

I can see your new certification, it’s been sent to mmpio but old one :upside_down:

And yet I have no way of choosing old vs new in Sakia…

When the new one will be part of the blockchain, it will be displayed. But in the meantime, It’s a known software limitation…

Quelqu’un saurait-il me certifier en passant par le noeud de modulix s’il vous plait ?

Oula, pas évident ça… :slight_smile:
Tu veux être certifié uniquement via ce nœud ?
Je t’ai certifié via Césium, car via Sakia, ça partage la certification à tous les nœuds membres.

Oui uniquement via ce noeud. Car j’ai des identités qui trainent depuis quelques mois sur le noeud de cgeek et d’autres qui m’empêchent d’être certifié.
Merci pour ta certification.