[Ask for Certifications] naivalf27


My name is Flavian Mary alias naivalf27. I am a new developer for android Ucoinapps. Can you certified me? Thank you.

My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naivalf27
My user identity: naivalf27
My public key: DtcCc9Mrix2YFhDzEVV2Zir7ZfCMkYR9DwwZjWDCqAuN

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You have mine. Welcome !

Wellcome, you have got mine too !

Done for me ! and welcome ! :wink:

Arf ! @naivalf27 you are too distant from @Xavier_Raimbault. You will have to convince him or one of the individuals he certified (@Alcide, @Fatalas, @Nuwanda) to certify you ! :slight_smile: