[Ask for Certifications] pengcqu

Hi there,

I am pengcqu. I would like to join the community and help out if I can.

Here is some information on my identity:

my emails are pengcqu@126.com

My user identity: pengcqu
my public key: 3eD1tcq119xmB6uzoSmVuXp8RAvYoxYC6vEmn6FP4wS7


My gmail: pengcqu2003@gmail.com

wow Welcome !!!

Could you translate TRM in chinese ? :grinning:

You are now a member, welcome!

Yes, I am from China.

What is the TRM? Maybe I can have a try.

TRM is in french. In english it is RTM for Relative Theory of the Money: the theoretical purpose for a fair monetary system.


And Welcome (Bienvenu! sorry I wrote in French in the software) with a gift of 99 MetaB.

Thank you!