[Ask for certifications] richemon

Me too! I’m richemon, on facebook i’m here. I leave that laptop on all the time, what kind of contribution does that make or do I need to be running the actual uCoin node?

Hi richemon !

For better visibility, you should create your own topic :smile:

For contributions, it depends on your profile. Basically, here is the help we need at the moment : http://ucoin.io/contribute/

Welcome ! :slight_smile:

edit by @cgeek: done!

Certified even though ucoin is telling me that I’m not certified by anyone anymore… Iran firewall might disturb ucoin network :slight_smile:

Edit : back to normal, I’m certified and I certify people. :slight_smile:

Hello richemon :smile:

You forgot to send your membership: https://github.com/ucoin-io/cutecoin/wiki/Cutecoin-getting-started-tutorial#joining-a-community

You have enough signatures, but the system cannot force you to opt-in!