[Ask for certifications] s_b_

Hey !

I am s_b_ and i would like to be a member of the awesome money, meta_brouzouf.

I have an account on the best distributed social network, Diaspora* : p
I am publishing the Facebook page “Relative theory of the Money” in french :
If you want to follow some publications : )

uid= "s_b_e_"
pubkey= “GhBGTQB7qWWkivdizFo8jUkHAVrEep6Y3s9vSM9kJvaG”

Thank you ! ; )

Welcome s_b_,

uid= "s_b_e_"
pubkey= “GhBGTQB7qWWkivdizFo8jUkHAVrEep6Y3s9vSM9kJvaG”

I just certified you :grinning:.

Me too. Welcome!

and three, you should be a member now.

Thank you all ;D

but ->


Could admins delete s_b_e_ and sb_ ?

I want to use s_b_

You should be able to Revoke the wrong UID using latest cutecoin version !

EDIT : Well no, since your wrong UID was certified, we can’t remove it. The blockchains will stay that way :slight_smile:

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If you want to change of ID, you first need to “ask for leaving” the community. Your current identity won’t be able to receive certifications this way, and will end by being excluded.

Then you can ask certifications for your new identity, and join the community with it.

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Ok thanks for explanations :slight_smile:

finally s_b_e_ is ok

Thanks everyone for certifications :slight_smile:

Amazing :o

I would specify then I have to ask to the node / server / P2P network to join the community / currency through the client.
CuteCoin > “Community” > “Identities” > “Send membership demand”