[Ask for Certifications] toearc

Hi there,

I am toeac, member of the BasicIncome-Community, Nuremberg, Germany. Here are few resources for proving my identity:


I am not a Developer, nor a Mathematician but just a “Preacher” of 1. BasicIncome, 2. implant it with any CryptoCurrency and I am interested in the view of the people, the handling of “new cash”, the Usability, the practical Implantation in the daily Scenery and last but not least in the Marketing of the Basic-Income-$Coin, whatever it will be named in the next few years.

Feel free to ask me questions on social networks so I can prove I own those accounts.


(late adopter 2 social media and bloggosphere, changed the twitteraccount to one i used in past and added fb-account)

Hey toearc, don’t you have more digital presence on the Web?

I will certify your identity for ZB testing currency, but I don’t know if others will agree to do the same, unless you can give more proofs of your identity!

I’ll certify you ! :smile:

I´ve got my node running at toebox.bktarc.de:9101, the ucoin-web http://toebox.bktarc.de:9102/#/home
(fresh install ubuntu 14.04 server, virtmachine on hyper-v <- sry 2 linux-community 4 that;) )

ucoind 0.9.9, ucoin 0.23.0

When trying to cert, there might be something going wrong

~$ ucoin -h -p 9101 cert cgeek
[?] You are about to sign this identity, continue? Yes
[?] Password: **********
  scrypt.kdf(key, TEST_PARAMS, SEED_LENGTH, salt, function (err, res) {
[object Object]

any suggestions?

~$ ucoin -h -p 9101 cert cgeek

Haven’t you forgotten --salt ?

I did step 7 from this description /v0-8-3-subcription-testing/25, successfully sent certification for @gceek, @Inso and @vit now.

How can i test step 5 and 6 have been successfully?

You should follow the pinned topic for testing zeta_brouzouf instead of [v0.8.3] guide, which is globally the same guide, but better up-to-date.

Anyway, steps 5 and 6 are the same for the 2 guides. To check each step:

Testing Step 5 (is my identity published?)

Have a look at http://twiced.fr:9101/wot/lookup/toearc. As you can see, there is a result. So, your identity is published. You can even see you have been signed by 2 other people (others field).

Testing Step 6 (is my join request published?)

Unfortunately … you have no way to check it for now. I haven’t developed any API method for now. However, I can tell you that you should send it again: as admin of my node, I do not see your membership in my database.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I just signed you :slight_smile:

Ok, i joined, as admin of my node, i hope u see my membership in your database :wink:
(found the signing-command in [0.8.3]guide)

hope 2, it helps :smile:

@Inso: thx, i trust u … :wink: