[Ask for Certifications] trengrj


I’m keen for some certifications for testing out meta_brouzouf!

My twitter account is https://twitter.com/trengrj

Keen to do some d3.js visualisations of the network like on my blog here - http://trengrj.net/2014/06/07/berlin-train-network.html

Hi trengj, I have certified you you need 3 to join.

ID : trengrj
pubkey : GuN2P6uubmeifQvZ9nhEYteBdaiXn9eq3xoCVLqZbHLe

I’ve seen what you did with maps and d3.js visualisations it’s great !

An additional certification, welcome to uCoin :thumbsup:.
Nice graphic jobs John !

Some time ago, cgeek was developping a web interface for the nodes.

Maybe you could check it out, I think it’s not maintained anymore but i’m sure you could do something great :wink:

Welcome !