[Ask for Certifications] ZAlex


I am Alex Zauzolkov, also known as ZAlex or ZauSoft.
At the momet I am developing PocketMod Reloaded.
Here are few resources for proving my identity:

(Sorry for the lack of links, I don’t love social networks)

ZeroNet resources (not accessable from the regular Internet):

  • Site - ZAlex.bit
  • ID of ZeroMail & ZeroMe - zalex@zeroid.bit

My user identity: ZAlex
My public key: 8GyxJznCMeYEA6urT6LAa7ucjJ2vNkCkFgmwq7wHJmXW
Feel free to ask me questions at Minds.com, EMail or ZeroNet so I can prove I own those accounts.


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Certified, welcome in test-net Duniter libre money ! :slight_smile:

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