[Ask to leave the community] sb


My cryptoId is too long, so I am trying to create a new identity.

Please delete / revoke it ;o

id user : s_b_e_
public key : GhBGTQB7qWWkivdizFo8jUkHAVrEep6Y3s9vSM9kJvaG


We can’t delete you :slight_smile: You’ll have to

  • Send a leaving demand
  • Wait for your identity to be removed from the members (I’m not sure how it is done, if you have to wait for your certifications to expire or not… )

:slight_smile: Yes, finally, I sent my leaving demand, through CuteCoin :

Yes, sending leaving membership only avoid other people to certify you, hence leading to your final exclusion once your current certifications expire.

Also, not renewing your membership will cause you to be excluded, BUT, to show your good faith of wanting to create another identity, you should definitely send a leaving membership.