[Asking for certification] docgreen


I’m listening to the podcast “Monnaies Libres” and I just finish reading “la TRM en détail”, so I’d like to give it a try to uCoin.

Personal web page : https://www.docgreen.fr
Email : docgreen@docgreen.fr
UID : docgreen
Public key : CqwuWfMsPqtUkWdUK6FxV6hPWeHaUfEcz7dFZZJA49BS


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Welcome out here :slight_smile:

Obviously you know how to talk to a terminal, so it would be very nice to see your node on the network! You can check installation tutorial. Quick to install on Debian 8 / Ubuntu 12.10+.

We are 6 members on the technical network right now:

This will help us to test some increasing charge!

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I own a Proxmox homeserver with several containers, i will create a new one to host a node. The only restriction is the upload which is limited to 128 kio/s, is it a problem ?

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For sure it’s not a problem :slight_smile: we do not have an heavy usage yet.

Welcome docgreen !
I certified you.

I have certified you as well. Welcome!
Make sure to join the network by clicking the “Renew Membership” button. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks ! :wink: