[Asking for certification] koeppelmann

Hi there,

I am Martin Köppelmann, working on a very similar project to uCoin - called Circles: http://aboutcircles.com/


My user identity: koeppelmann
my public key: Ev72QW2CUnzZuoNLfEu9YKLUF8zXAbbCUHrhaveH6Ktv
Feel free to ask me questions on social networks so I can prove I own those accounts.


P.S. I am using the MacOS sakia client - and it is crashing every few minutes. Are there any logs that would be helpful for you guys that I could send you?

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Certified, welcome.
You could get debug logs with ./sakia -d and open an issue.

Welcome Martin.
You just need one more certification to be a new member of the meta_brouzouf community :grinning: !

welcome to UCoin :smile:
I also love your circle project.
I think its good to have many experiences with basic income project at this moment, to get experiences what is functioning and what not.

by the way, be careful by posting sakia logs, it could be that your key / password is in :smile:

Thanks - done: https://github.com/ucoin-io/sakia/issues/337

Hello mister,

This release should fix your problems ! :slight_smile: https://github.com/ucoin-io/sakia/releases/tag/0.11.4.post1

Welcome here, it’s always good to have multiple tries of problems in the same field. (Even if we always want to precise that we are a Libre Money project, more than a UBI project, and that’s important to us :wink: . And the mandatory link of the theory behind a Libre Money - http://en.trm.creationmonetaire.info/ )

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Hello @mKoeppelmann

In June 2016 (2-5), in Laval (53000 LAVAL, France), will take place the Freedom Money Meeting #7.
We begin to define the program. As @Galuel suggests, why not to plan a presentation of your circle project ?
It may be interesting to discuss about difference and similarities with the uCoin project…
We could plan a presentation by Skype or by Google Hangout.

Are you interested in such proposition ?

(and, sorry for my bad english !)

@kimamila - that is great. I would love to connect more with likeminded people.
I can for sure do a presentation per skype/hangout. There might be a chance that I can make it in person. Is there already a schedule? Are the other presentations in english or in french? Unfortunately I don’t speak french.

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Great !
We will schedule your presentation (in english) on June 2th or 3th. Let me known a good time for you, between 9AM - 12AM , or 2PM to 5PM (Paris time).
I guess a presentation per Hangout (with direct record on YouTube) could be great. Skype is more unstable.

Other presentations (most of them) will be in french. ;(

Maybe you could come if @Samuel comes too, as @Samuel is German like you and speaks french ? This could ease conversations, even if most of us speaks english without problem.

Yes we almost all speak english, even if our great level made @Samuel laugh :slightly_smiling:

Your presentation would be made with techies like kimamila, inso, galuel, vit, sb, cgeek (me), … so people who might be aware of / understand your project.

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@Inso, me and speaking french is a bit overrated, but I am understanding at least something.
@cgeek Your english is perfectly great!
@mKoeppelmann Martin, I think it is always an interesting idea to come around and have a look, what others are doing in similar directions and those french people are after all not that bad and really awesome :wink: I had a good time, thank you once again! Prepare to go into a great and good battle with Stephane, you better bring your best shield you can find. :blush:

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lol, i better take my swords with me for the battle :slightly_smiling: