[Asking for certification] remjey


I’m interested in alternate currencies in general and would like to test this one because it features universal dividend. I’ve tinkered a little with BitCoin at it’s very beginning but was ultimately disappointed that the currency generation became overridden by people investing fortunes in mining hardware.

My github: https://github.com/remjey/
Personal web page: http://jf.almel.fr/ (reference to my uCoin public key at the bottom)
Mail: jf@almel.fr
UID: remjey
Public key: FaTUqpJkCXvhKBZqmyD3S4PijjY3AwVAjbjeM7TPBiKB

Thank you.

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welcome to ucoin remjey!

checked website

Bienvenu dans la monnaie libre de test.

I got certified (just after the 47077 hiatus). Thanks!

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