[Asking for certification] Sonntag

Bonjour and Hello Everyone!
I am greatly interested in ways how using cryptocurrencies can help to reduce inequality in the world and let us all lead happier lives.
It would be great if you certified me for the meta_brouzouf testing currency.

UID: Sonntag
Public Key: 2hqDtSHx19wJoM4TzMSr3Mra4sfwaH76GBPXmmRSCUK3

So you can see that I am real, here are some links to profiles:

Twitter: @desertventures
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bringlifetothedesert/
Email: info@desertventures.org

Just send me a message so that I can prove my existence.

I am looking forward to be joining this experience and hope it will develop and grow into something big!

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