[Asking for certifications] Fabrizio

Hello folks!

Just getting started and looking to experiment with the system! Got the Sakia client installed, managed to join the meta_brouzouf group and got one certification from a friend (Arcurus), so two more to go! :slight_smile:

My ID: Fabrizio
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/koopake
My Forum account: https://freicoinalliance.com/user/13-fabrizio/
My IRC nick on freenode: Fabrizio
If needed, Iโ€™m up for audio convo on Mumble or similar :slight_smile:

Iโ€™m keenly interested in basic income and common-good economy, so looking forward to have hands-on experimenting with these new systems! :slight_smile:

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hey ho fab, nice to have you here!
+1 certification!

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Hi Fab :slight_smile: Welcome!!

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Hi Fabrizio and Welcome !

We are mostly present on xmpp on channel ucoin@muc.jappix.com. Do not hesitate to join us to chat or if you have any question :slight_smile:

Welcome Fabrizio !

do i need a new jabber account, or can i use an existing on another jabber server?
And if so the empathy client wants to have a room to join, do you have one?

Thanks for the welcomes! Nice to see active users here :slight_smile:

Iโ€™ve not used XMPP for a loong time, so dont have client for itโ€ฆ what would you guys recommend for Linux and Windows? Open Source client preferably :slight_smile:

Is there any active IRC channels too BTW? :slight_smile:

Generally, @Galuel suggest to use Psi. Personally, I prefer webclients like https://jappix.com or https://movim.eu/ :slight_smile:

We are only on XMPP, we do not use IRC !