[Asking for Certifications] iPadGuy


I am iPadGuy. I am also known as iPadGuy100 on G+/Twitter and AllBTC on Reddit.

I discovered crypto-currencies back in 2012. I was mining Bitcoin for a while, before ASICs ruined it. I am also very interested in basic income projects, so I am very excited to see the uCoin project.

I spent 20+ years in the IT industry. My biggest project was iWarehouse, which is a fleet management system for warehouses (It is similar to OnStar). I wrote the back-end (ie. database) portion of it, as well as consulted on the original design of the reports and user interface (ie. web site).

Here are a few resources for proving my identity:

Feel free to ask me questions on social networks so I can prove I own those accounts.


I can not find you.

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Hmm… It appears that CuteCoin doesn’t like it when my IP address changes. I restarted CuteCoin, and it can see the network, again.

I do:

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I can’t find ipadguy with dev version.

cc @Inso :slight_smile:

On which nodes are you synced ? (network tab)

I am sync with metab.ucoin.io:9201.

Hi @iPadGuy,

I certified you!

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