Becoming Smith as a BPMN diagram

Becoming smith workflow

This is a BPMN 2.0 diagram to better understand the Smith Membership workflow.


You can edit the schema on your own. Download the diagram.bpmn file, then Open it there :

diagram_02.bpmn (16,4 Ko)

BPMN, DMN, CMMN are workflow standards to model every kind of workflow in an XML language. The big advantage here, is that the XML can be used by machines to automate things and to visualize schema on whatever system you want. It works as a bridge between human process and machine process.

Create your schema, then process the XML to run or create whatever you have decided.


Diagram has been update in version 02 to reflect commands acting on localhost server, and commands sent on any blockchain node.

Also, missing “Pending Membership” object has been added.

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