Block writing issues

it seems that now many of our nodes cannot take part in writing, because they are not or not longer connected to a member account. This and some stuck nodes seem to bring currently the network to halt.
is it so, that some of the nodes members lost their membership, because they could not fulfill the WOT rules, or is it, because they never have been members?

State of the network:

From what I know:

  • @scith, @Inso and @kimamila has lost synchronization, so they do not calculate our next block
  • @urodelus is UP intermittently (because he running uCoin on a PC, not a server - and that’s not a problem)

So the main problem is network synchronization. When urodelus will come back, blockchain will be unstuck, but still we will have the synchronization problem.

Actually, this problem will be fixed in 0.13 I am working on. I should release it tomorrow or this week-end, we just need patience :smile:

And about the 3 green nodes without an UID: these are just mirrors. CnRzL is mine, I don’t know who owns the 2 others!

actually my node is also there, but you cannot see it. the block 4077 is from my node :smile:
i had also to reset it, because my node lost synchronization.

maybe its good to go to 1/3 proof of work max node instead of 2/3 as long as our nodes are not that stable…

I’ll wait for 0.13 to reset mine then :smile:
Thanks for the ping

We cannot control this, difficulty is a protocol rule and won’t ever change in this currency :smile:

Anyway, @Kooda has added a node! Blockchain is unstuck :wink:

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