Blockchain partial reset

Some of you may know that we encountered several difficulties with the blockchain in the last days/weeks: we regularly had fork of the blockchain while we were only 3 nodes of network.

After a long investigation, I’ve discovered why exactly this issue happened: this is due to a wrong protocol rule leading to an unstable common difficulty level.

Fixing this rule is OK, however, it involves that 40% of the blockchain is no more compliant with last protocol rules. Precisely, block #2060 and following are to be rewritten.

Concretely, all transactions from this block and after will be erased. Same for certifications:
@Folaht --> cgeek, mhugo, galuel, ManUtopiK, kimamila, toearc
@Galuel --> inso, vit

I will personally rewrite the blockchain from block #2060 to today’s blocks, it will probably be done in 1 or 2 days.

Sorry for this data loss, but at least, this testing currency is making its job: this (important) bugs has been discovered & fixed! :relaxed:

Blockchain has been written successfully on

You may reset your blockchain & sync again.

Here it is restarted !