Bugs I experienced

  1. When I want to view my balance I get asked which one to sign out of which I can choose between myself and myself. Same goes for everyone else except for cgeek and toearc.
  2. I accidentally created five companies: new_compay, vit-cookies, nya, games and the one I want, nya-games. I want to know how I delete them and why my company’s balance sheet is the same as mine unlike vit-cookies.
  3. I tried transferring money last night and and I was able to send over and over again. Despite reading “Succesfully sent transaction” nothing was sent yet. Eventually just two transactions went through.

1 : - Dunno about this one.

2 : If your company balance sheet is the same as yours, you used the same salt / key for both wallets.

3 : What transactions did you send exactly ?

Please notice that the blockchain is very slow at the moment, we experienced a critical bug and the network is still in recovery process. Should get better in two days.

  1. there is a bug in the node where the identities are duplicated in
    the database. cgeek is aware of it and will fix it…

Hello, i am forced to restart two time duniter for use it , only me for this issue ?