Call for testing Silkaj v0.10.0rc

Hey fellow testers and early-adopters!

We are pleased to announce Silkaj v0.10.0 release candidate, and we would be happy to receive feedback before releasing it as stable.

Pre-release installation

You can install this pre-release version from PyPI or from a Docker image.
To install the Python package, run following command:

pip3 install silkaj --user --upgrade --pre

To install and run Silkaj from the Docker image:

sudo docker pull

Run Silkaj from outside the image:

sudo docker run -it silkaj info


Please test it globally, and check v0.10.0 milestone short summary which contains the changes which have been implemented during this development cycle.
Pay a special attention to the newly introduced revocation command.

Manual tests help us making sure everything works fine in different cases.
Here are some tests we think are necessary.
Make sure you test on Ğ1-Test network to avoid any revocation or loss of money to happen.


revocation command handle the revocation document in an extended way.
Check the sub-commands:

silkaj revocation --help

Make sure you are able to create new identities before proceeding.
Create a revocation file with an existing identity.
Verify the generated file, and publish it!

silkaj --gtest revocation save revocation_test.txt
silkaj --gtest revocation verify revocation_test.txt
silkaj --gtest revocation publish revocation_test.txt

Or directly all the previous steps with one command:

silkaj --gtest revocation revoke


Check Ğ1 monetary license get displayed correctly in any language:

silkaj license

Network, documents issuance

Silkaj’s network code layer have been completly rewritten, an other HTTP library is used, the asynchronous propery has been dropped, and the documents classes have been refactored.
Try any commands requesting information from the network or try sending any document.

silkaj info
silkaj -ep <hostname>:<port> membership

Transaction recipients and amounts definition reading from a file

You can now define recipients.txt file following this format:


# moul-test
10 5B8iMAzq1dNmFe3ZxFTBQkqhq4fsztg1gZvxHXCk1XYH:baK

# matograine
20 d88fPFbDdJXJANHH7hedFMaRyGcnVZj9c5cDaE76LRN:FVm

And pass it to silkaj tx command as follow:

silkaj --gtest tx -f recipients.txt

Check that everything works fine with RELATIVE reference.
You can also check broken file, and see if Silkaj reacts properly to any error in the file format definition.


Feel free to play and look for hidden bugs and/or UI/UX improvements!
We are looking forward for your feedback!

The stable release is planned for April 16th 2022, which will be released with an announcement listing the new features as well as a detailed changelog.

Silkaj team

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Succesfully built and released to Debian experimental.

I noticed that « silkaj authfile » spews a file in current directory - I find that a bad practice to do without confirmation, especially since this is confidential data, and ESPECIALLY since the file is stored group and world readable. I would expect to be asked to confirm where highly sensitive information should be littered, and I would expect it to be stored only readable by user.

I then (and before as well where it failed, that’s how I went looking for the authfile subcommand) tried « silkaj balance HdN1r7UPxRKeCScMorngBydr6shSxki32kKxgEMEx7a3 » which failed with a long backtrace seemingly caused by a network timeout. I would expect that command to not try read an authfile in current directory - few years ago all scripting languages was changed to not include current directory from default file lookup routines because it is very common to stand in an alien directory that might abuse processing of data in their control.

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Perhaps it makes sense for Silkaj to follow the XDG Secret Service guideline: secret-storage-spec

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An other release candidate has been published: v0.10.0rc1
The code handling Ğ1 monetary license has been for a second time refactored during this development cycle. Additionnal small fixes have been brought together.

Please continue testing and specially the latest changes brought to the license command.

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