Call for testing Silkaj v0.9.0rc

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to publish a release candidate of Silkaj v0.9.0, and we would be happy to receive feedback before releasing it as a stable version.

To install this pre-release version from PyPI, use this command:

pip3 install silkaj --user --upgrade --pre

Please test it globally, and check the changelog which contains the changes which happen during this development cycle.
Pay a special attention to the transaction part where a part of the algorithm changed.
There are new options on following commands:

silkaj history --full-pubkey
silkaj --dry-run cert
silkaj --dry-run/--display membership

Dry-run and display options are defined as general options, and only defined for this three cases for this release.


Manual tests help us making sure everything works fine for different cases.
Here are some tests we think are necessary.
Make sure you test on Ğ1-Test network to avoid any loss of money.


  • send a TX to a unique recipient
  • send a TX to multiple recipients
    • with one amount
    • with multiple amounts
  • send a TX to 92 recipients (can be 92 times the same)
  • send a TX to 93 recipients (should fail)


  • renew membership with --dry-run global option
  • renew membership with --display global option
  • renew membership without these two options


  • send a certification with --display global option
  • cert all identities you can on GTest network (thanks for keeping it alive :wink: )
  • cert pubkey 4KEA63RCFF7AXUePPg5Q7JX9RtzXjywai1iKmE7LcoEC:DRz on Ğ1-Test → you should be suggested two identities
  • cert identity ggg_ggg_2 on Ğ1-Test → you should NOT be proposed many identities


  • check you history
  • check you history and display userIDs
  • check you history and display pubkeys in full-length
  • check you history and display userIDs and pubkeys in full-length


  • check your WoT infos are correct with wot command


  • use checksum command to compute a checksum for one of your public keys.
  • verify it with Silkaj
  • verify it with Cesium
  • try to change a character in the public key (with the checksum), then verify that it is wrong.


  • create an authfile for a Ğ1-Test account
  • send txs or certs using the authfile


Feel free to play!

The release is planned for the 17th April of 2021, which will contain a detailed announcement of the changes and the new features.

Silkaj team

5 J'aime

J’ai une erreur à l’installation :

tuxmain@loki:~$ pip3 install silkaj --user --upgrade --pre --no-cache-dir
Collecting silkaj
  Downloading silkaj-0.9.0rc0-py3-none-any.whl (55 kB)
     |████████████████████████████████| 55 kB 1.9 MB/s 
ERROR: Requested silkaj from has different version in metadata: '0.9.0rc0'

Merci pour le retour. Il aurait surement fallu faire une v0.9.0rc0 (avec le zéro). J’ai hésité à le faire. On vérifiera si l’erreur est toujours présente à la prochaine RC.