[Certification Request] idyllei: Migrating to GTest from TestNet

I was a member of the TestNet network. I am now asking to be certified on the GTest network.

My pubkey is 5bxtdmC7RGGJEmcdnJ3ut5zg7KdUH2pYZepSHbwNYs7z and I was known as idyllei on TestNet.
My Keybase.io is found at https://keybase.io/sstupis where you can find my Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, and Reddit accounts. (If you would like a Keybase invite, I have plenty to give out, just send me a message.)

I am looking forward to helping test Duniter and the currency meta-protocol. This is such a revolutionary project; I hope it matures and becomes successful!

I sent you your first certification. You should receive it in few days.