Cesium is very often freezed


Since some weeks ago, Cesium is often freeze and it’s not possible to use it to manage payments effectively. I think there is a BIG problem of network saturation (usually there is a warning about a non-reachable node, and an attempt to use an alternative node, that frequently is not running OK as well).

Have you experienced this issue on your side? I’ve fired this issue on the Catalan / Spanish community (where lots of chat messages ask about it)

I don’t think there is network saturation, just that some Duniter nodes are slow, or badly configured, or desynchronized, or don’t store transactions.

When this happens I try another node. Currently I’m using duniter.vincentux.fr.

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I wonder which node Cesium select by default. Because this is a recurrent problem for most people. And non-geek people don’t understand how to change its Cesium node, etc. Even for me it is a mess, when the alternative node is not stuck too…

By default Cesium points to g1.duniter.org which is not inactive, but it is mostly satured so Cesium doens’t suggest to change to another. That’s why it’s a good recommendation to change node just after the installation and configuration of a new Cesium.

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Yes, Cesium will use the first reachable peer from a list of predefined peers.

I had develop a random selection, at startup, but not yet in a release.You have to checkout the git branch features/select_node_at_startup to test it.

See the README to learn how to launch Cesium locally.

Let me known if this a good solution for your issue.

That would be very good to mitigate the g1.duniter.org by default issue since lots of new people not yet familiar with blockchains are thinking that the whole currency is slow or not working… Thanks for releasing that.

I think this is a major issue… Because lots of new users in Spain stuck on it… What about to merge it and launch a new release?