Cesium Italian translation review

Hi, I have created a merge request that incorporates the json italian translation file as provided by @Wellno1, could anyone (maybe @kimamila ) please approve it. The interest in this translation review lies in the fact that soon there will be an event in Italia and would be great if people there can have this available.

Here is the link to it Italian locale file as translated by italian group of translators (!645) · Merge requests · clients / Cesium-grp / Cesium · GitLab

Thank’s a lot


Thanks for your contrib. Could you add Italian for wotwizard-ui project ?

Hi Paidge, I do not speak italian, I just acted as a vehicle to incorporate the translation work of other people into the cesium repo. I’ll talk to them to see if they can involve in more translation projects. Thanks!

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I made a merge request with the ita translation of the json locale of the wot-wizard