Cesium on duniter-desktop, problem reading wallet

Hi all,
I’ve had a disk crash recently, so I had to reinstall duniter-desktop (my recovery didn’t manage to get everything back on track, so I simply deleted -or rather renamed- everything that was duniter-related to restart from scratch). The problem is that when I open the Cesium wallet, I get an error message as soon as I want to go to my account: “Error while loading wallet data”, and that’s pretty much it. Any way of resetting the data there?

Don’t worry cesium on duniter desktop doesn’t work for me and some others.
I suppose because of iminent update for the new test currency: Ğtest.
anyway you can use cesium online to manage your wallet.

Ah great I didn’t know there was a general problem with it - not much time to follow here these days. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, I am encountering the same bug currently.

And I have the same problem on the web version, actually…

You could try your browser’s “Private navigation” feature and go to http://cesium.duniter.fr, and see if you succeed to connect this time.

If so, the problem is configuration issue (old configuration cached in the browser).

It does work in “Private navigation” mode. I have cleared the cache, looked for cookies but couldn’t find any with the name “cesium” and all “duniter” ones are for the forum. And still pages for “My account” and other pages are giving errors. What else should I clean?

I think the data is in the localStorage of your web browser.

Looks like the fix was actually easy (when you know where to look). It appears that both on the browser version and on the embedded desktop desktop version, the node was empty, which was causing the crash. When setting the node to a valid value everything works again. So it is a matter of going to the top-right “account” icon, selecting “Settings” and then filling the “Network/Duniter node address” with a valid node.

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that’s the good way ! :wink: