Children? What about their share?

What happen to them in ucoin? How ucoin manage children?
I can see three options:

  • parents can open a wallet for their child at birth and use the money until majority. Problem, how they will keep the membership “alive”?
  • parents can create a wallet with the date of birth and the wallet is freezed until majority. Problem, if the parents don’t create the wallet at birth some child would lose their share for some years, maybe 18. Same problem also for the first option if the membership expire.
  • parents can’t open wallet that can create money for their child. Once major, a new adult who enter the community can create the exact amount of money of his share of the years he was a child. By entering his birth date linked to his ID, it should be easy to calculate how many coin he could have created during this time.

What do you think?
PS: is it possible to reduce the minimal characters for titles? My basic “Children?” was not long enough.


Ucoin and Relative Theory of Money only consider the date of entry into the currency, and the date of the death of the member, whatever the age of the member. RTM does not consider essential a concept like “Majority”. To be a full member, a child needs only to be certified in the Web of Trust like any other member.

So the child will get his UD, whatever his age.
The question of “who can use that money” will depend on rules in the country, and education given by parents!

Society laws are completely independent of the RTM.

The same in science when you study a subject, for instance gravity law. You don’t consider air forces on the object in the atmosphere of the earth or in another planet, you consider gravity itself independently of other forces and you conclude F = G M1M2/r². And then when you are in a specific planet, you consider air force on movement with other laws, like F = -hV or something like that, or other kind of forces.

So the questions about other laws don’t concern RTM but concern other kind of studies, and so you should ask to other people, or other principles, or other theories what you should do, or not do, concerning these other laws, following what you relatively think is better from your own point of view, and then certainly other people will follow you, and other people won’t.

I’m sure you noticed that I wonder about ucoin and not the RTM…
RTM is a theory, ucoin is a social implementation of it. You need to think of practical facts that occur.

How a child will keep his certification? We should make our children trading regularly?

What about if he doesn’t. At Majority, he won’t have the same “advantage” than the other one.

Why would the third thought be in contradiction with RTM? I’m not saying its The solution, I’m asking if it could be an option inside ucoin in case a community decide to adopt this idea.

The answer is identical, uCoin is independent of other rules.

No you don’t.

You can define some rules from your own side, but the software cannot control who has the age of majority, who has not, who is dead, who is alive, only men can do that.

So you refer to a social law system, not a software or theory one. You need so to contact people who think about social systems and how to manage them. You can use RTM or uCoin in different social system, and this doesn’t imply anything concerning the software, neither the 4 economical freedom are not dependent of social system, you can decide to define and apply some social laws that will deny the 4 economical freedom, and use uCoin with it, it is independent too.

As Sofrani and Galuel said, uCoin does not have any notion of “individual’s age” and even less “Majority”. So any of your options are off topic. If people agree to recognize the identity of a baby, uCoin does not have any problem with this.

The main practical issue is that a baby, obvisouly, is not able to use any software to create its identity and ask for certifications. But its parents can. Some day, this baby becoming a child might be able to decide by himself about his uCoin identity. At this time, it is one of two things:

  • either he has access to its key and can opt-out the currency with key and then create a new one he knows his parents won’t have access to, and asks for certifications as the normal process
  • or he does not have access to this identity for some reason (parents wanting the control) and he may just create another identity without asking for any permission, but telling people to stop certifying the previous identity and sign the new one instead.

Let me know when you want debate of practical fact.
Theory is good, I read it two times since 2010 and I help translating, nothing means as much as the TRM does.

I was just trying to ask a practical question to debate on a side effect of a usage of universal dividend through a free software.

As you agreed my wonders were not incompatible with RTM, and as you said, babies can’t use a software. So for me asking what we could do about it is a legitimate debate, babies are also human and members of economical zones.

Now, if this place is anapropriate because we should speak only “theoraticaly” here, and nobody feel like talking about life, fine!

I’ll keep my questions for other time, other place.

Yes you do! Unless you want your beautiful theory to never confront reality and never go forward than a potential.
You need people to talk about it, to argue about it, to confront ideas of political implementation.

It’s not only theory.

Just put a box in the sleeping room of your baby, and let people put coins in it : you create a wallet. Your brother will give 5 dollars to your child, and then your uncle 2 dollars and so on…At 18, your child will be rich of thousands of dollars.

You control everything because you are a parent. In the meantime, you can use that money to buy whatever you want…

And when your child is 18, you can just tell him : "Sorry ! I used all the money! ".

In real life, nobody cares! For sure it is not fair, but Ucoin and RTM don’t care. They just give regularly UD, without asking how that money is used after.

I see!

Why to care about State (since you talk us of State notions like “18” and “Majority” - btw, it is not 18 in every State) when libre money is not created by a State? This is just non-sense.

Also, I answered you a newborn can take the control of its identity when it becomes able to do it. What better answer could you expect?