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Continuing the discussion from Explaining relative money with Universal Dividend the other way around:

As there came up the question of my purpose, I will give you a quick overview, what I would like to achieve:
I wish to build on top of the principles outlined by the RTM an open co-operation and co-investing platform for open source projects, open organizations and individuals, embracing the concepts of open source, commons, maintainership, as well as push-pull and forking methods, and fair multi-stakeholder models based not only on money invested, but especially on your time invested in open projects.
Since actions usually do more impact than just words, I started to learn basic programming and am currently working on an rough prototype to express my ideas. You can follow along the current state of my progress here:
and here:

My favorite partner for collaboration on this topic is uCoin, since you are the only community so far, which really got into the concept of relative currencies and have done great work so far, theoretically and practically.

If you have feedback, questions or ideas, please let me know here.
Best from Munich