Confused about what I should do to help as a programmer

Hello everyone

It’s been a year since I’ve heard about ucoin, and I’ve listened to many conference on the TRM.

I’d like to contribute, but I find it hard to see where I could help.

The protocol seems done and implemented.
The tools to create and exchange money seems there too.

Given the fact that the metaBrousouf is being thrown away there seems to be no way to test Sakia.

I spent quite a few hours going in circles on the wiki, the api and github, not really knowing where should be the entry point.

I guess cloning from here is a good place to start, but I don’t see how to launch the unit tests from here.

Any idea on where and how I should start code-wise ?

(If you know how but are too busy to help, it’s also ok. It will take more time, but eventually I will find my way :slight_smile: )

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Hello Olivier,

You can clone the project and then:

cd ucoin
npm install
npm test

To launch the unit tests.

If the tests goes well (and they should!), you can start your node with:

node bin/ucoind

This will start uCoin with its UI.

If you prefer CLI interface, you can follow this init tutorial. We have 2-3 servers yet running, for example or are UP and producing super_currency units.

And we have bugs! For example you could, after syncing with an existing node, check why the hell @kimamila encountered this fresh new bug.

I haven’t checked it, but I guess it is not that hard to fix, maybe a good start :slight_smile:

Also @Inso likes to be helped on Sakia if you also like Python.

So you can already:

  • play with core software (Node.js)
  • play with core UI (Angular / Materializecss)
  • play with Sakia (Python)
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I have proposed to use basecamp to define what are the ressources we need, who is doing what, what is the next step.
I have started a basecamp for ucoin but I need email of the people who want to participate.
We are not a software service provider, but some organization could help.
When the system will be runing we will all benefit from a universal dividend…and much more.

Thanks a lot, this should be enough to get me in :slight_smile:

If you’re still not sure what to do Olivier, I have suggestions:

  • A donation WebApp that you can make a button for in forums like on Duniter’s main page -> lower-right corner (Liberapay).
  • A voting WebApp that votes with Duniter currencies.
  • A crowdfunding WebApp like Kickstarter that accepts Duniter currencies.
  • A crowdfunding WebApp like Patreon that accepts Duniter currencies.
  • A Decentralized Asset Exchange that accepts Duniter currencies.
  • Integration of SAFE network Tech with Duniter, instead of using blockchain technology.
  • Creating a World Citizenship for Duniter.
  • “Whatever tech Bitshares uses to create BitDollars” for Duniter.

Also, we at ArkOS need programmers.

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