[contribution needed] rss/atom support for duniter websites

The duniter.org and duniter.fr websites are getting a lot of requests at the url /feeds/all.atom.xml and /rss/ (default locations?). Although a feed is available at /rss.xml, it is not complete and would benefit from a rework by someone familiar with these kind of feeds.

The Zola documentation for feeds is available here: Feeds | Zola.

I’m not going to work on this since I think it’s a very niche technology, but I still think it’s important to comply with this standard.

AFAIK there is no standard default URL for feeds, so a meta tag is needed (so that you can subscribe to the blog updates by just entering duniter.org in Thunderbird).

It’s not a sitemap, but a feed: as Zola doc says, only pages with a date are listed. It’s useful for a blog but not for documentation. Zola seems to handle it nicely by default.

Edit: there is already a meta tag in the /blog page.

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