"Could not load currency"

I am on ubuntu and I have installed the duniter app 0.90.5.I found a bug:When I visit the currency link,I can see the Peers list try to load but with out success and a pop-up is appearing telling that "Could not load currency"
Just in case it has not been reported before

Are you comfortable with GitHub? If yes, you could directly type your bug report there.

This way it would be better traced and, for sure, be fixed at some time :slight_smile:

Sorry,I am not comfortable with Github…

I also found a second bug.When I try to visit the “My account” link ,it tries to load but it doesn’t load.

Thanks, I will propbably release a new version today which should fix all this.


@cgeek This looks like the old https issue in Cesium doesn’t it ? You probably can reproduce it on your Yunohost install :slight_smile:

Yes it looks like, but the bug is more simple. I’ve just detected that during the build, I was using an old version of the WebUI, hence an old version of Cesium, hence … I am a bit confused :blush:

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Only those who don’t do anything never make a mistake :slight_smile:

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Hmm,even on the new version of Duniter 0.90.06 ,Cesium has the same bugs.Also when visiting the Registry link,it says :New members :No members.