Creating an account on a mirror node?

Does a node need to be a member to accept new identities?
I know that non-member nodes cannot calculate blocs, but can they still receive new identities and send them to their peers so they can add it to a block?

I’m interested in what mirrors should and shouldn’t do, but I don’t find much info on that topic (I expected to answer my question going here: Files · master · documents / RFCs · GitLab but failed so far)

AFAIK the only thing that a member node can do but a non-member node can’t do is mining.

All the nodes have a pool to receive, store and spread pending documents like identities.

Where the document comes from is not a problem for the node receiving it: only the validity of the document itself and its coherence with the current state of the node’s index matter. Since the document is signed by its emitter, it can’t be altered by the nodes without becoming invalid.


That’s my expectation indeed, now I’d like to know where this is specified?

While the question above still stands, I can at least confirm by experience that it worked. My identity created on my mirror node was passed down to others, I can see it :slight_smile:

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