Crypto exchanges

is this okay to contact some crypto exchanges sites to add G1 to their site?If yes,which one shall I contact?

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can you provide example of such sites?

Yes,there is Poloniex,Kraken, Bittrex etc These are the most popular/big exchange sites

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I would wait with that until more people are involved in G1. Currently less than 100 people have access to G1, therefore the liquidity will not be big, therefore exchanges could easily stop trading G1.

For big exchanges with kraken i would even wait lot longer until we have to show something.
Also we could need a better name to promote G1.

For now I would just concentrate in growing the G1 web of trust and trade with each other directly.

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I agree with you.

Fully agree with you, @Arcurus. Even if at the peak of the boom of crypto-currencies some of them got on exchanges far before reaching the level of maturity of Duniter. But we have seen what has become of them. :slight_smile:

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