Cutecoin 0.8 released!

Here is a link to my facebook page :

I’m afraid I don’t let many personnal information filter through that medium.

Thanks for the link, it works.

But I have a new issue : Gdebi refuses to install libsodium saying “the depency cannot be resolved” (that’s homemade translation ;-))

I’m using Lubuntu, is that a possible reason it doesn’t work?

Also, you can hear my voice, asking a question at 1:13:30 of this vidéo :

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If you’d like to get certified by other members you should start a new thread y as stated in step 7 here Subscribe Testing Currency (zeta_brouzouf)
And as it is a testing currency some will probably certify you without much information.

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Thank you.
I will do that. For now, I’m fignting with the installation.

Do you have any more message like what dependency is missing ?

Could you try to do the command “sudo dpkg -i [libsodiumpackagepath]”