CuteCoin : Any documentation?


Is there any documentation on CuteCoin ? :wink:

And I have 5 questions on the Graphic User Interface of CuteCoin :

What do the green, yellow and red lights mean ?
and what does the number of block mean ?

I have 2,276 billions of MetaBrouzoufs
I sent 10, 2 millions of M.B. to members ( cf . table )
I received 42, 8 millions of M.B. from members ( cf . table )

Why my payments is 30 ’ 636 ’ 663 M.B. ?
Why my deposits is 128 ’ 723 ’ 190 M.B. ?

I hope you can help me ! :wink:


The colored led is to indicate the network status. How many up to date nodes the client have found. But @Inso can tell you more about it.

The sum of the deposit and payment columns is wrong for sure. We will investigate the bug ASAP.

The negative number in the send money window is a bug corrected in the 0.10.2 release, released this evening. Please upgrade.

Thanks for the report !

By the way: you dont need to host tour screenshots on a third party website, you van copy/paste it directly in your message and the magic will do the rest :wink: