Dart/Flatter web clients not working with Firefox?

Ğ1nkgo and Ğecko Web web clients do not run for me in Firefox, but do in Chromium. Do you also reproduce this issue? Any reason for that?

It works for me, on Firefox 111. Have you tried flushing the cache or disabling some addons?

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Chez moi ça fonctionne sur firefox

Chez moi aussi cela fonctionne sur Firefox aussi chez moi. As-tu essayé de vider le cache pour ce domaine ?

Can you paste your javascript log console please ? Thank’s for your tests.

NoScript is blocking <script> execution.
If I disable in addition unpkg.com domain it works.

I just pushed my latest change (mainly flutter upgraded and adapatation), can you flush you cache and try again ?

And don’t understand why this CDN would affect the loading of a flutter app.

Also, I push the HTML build of last gecko web version here, please clean your cache before use it: https://gecko-light.axiom-team.fr

Is it better ?

This light version works without unpkg.com CDN.

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Ok, so probably we should publish only html version, since it’s lighter, works on most configurations, on no issue there for now.