[Demande de Certification] alzai

Bonjour !

Je suis Valentin “Alzaï” Pearce et je suis étudiant en génie logiciel. Je suis très intéressé par les mouvements libristes et j’ai découvert Duniter grâce à la version bêta de framalibre suite à un tweet de framasoft.

Pour m’authentifier vous pouvez me trouver sur :

ma clef publique Duniter est Ac45WsYj3Jfusb2pvrjFK8jZQLdfiasaZW8y7G1W4fpm

Et il me semble que mon uid est alzai

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Hello et bienvenue, je te certifierais bien mais j’ai consommé tout mon stock.

Avis à ceux qui en ont encore :slight_smile:

Certifié !

Merci beaucoup pour le petit message :slight_smile:

Merci beaucoup pour la certification ! Je vais me pencher un peu plus sur le fonctionnement :slight_smile:

Salut et bienvenue, tu as ma certification :slight_smile:

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Merci beaucoup !

People,would be possible to write in English so as everyone understands? :slight_smile:

We certainly need to make an effort about that, yes :wink:

I am very happy with the project but I am afraid of Sybil attacks that may make it collapse.

Good evening. You can already have access to many points of view on the issue of these attacks, for example by writing “Sybil” in the search section at the top right of this page.

Many things were told about sybil attacks, as Mententon said, you can find many things about that by searching “sybil” whith magnifier icon.
Maybe you’ll need to translate many of them.
Sorry but we’d like to translate all this forum, but no time for that.

Hello Valentin,
Thank you for this post to ask for your certification, and sorry for the spam in the Cesium’s message module, when I invited you to help us to certify you, presenting you to be sure you’re not a bot (or a dog :smiley: ).

I certified you too.
You’re welcome !

Note: sorry for my english if there are syntax errors. I’m doing my best :wink: Don’t hesitate to correct me if there are mistakes…